Wow. How I’ve Grown. And You Will Too.

I Turned My Mess Into My Movement: The Sizzle System is Born.

Something profound happened to me. I noticed a trend in the small businesses I had been working with every day.

I’m Carol Ann DeSimine, creator of the Sizzle System, and even after more than 25 years as an expert in branding, I noticed that many established small- to mid-sized companies – just on the brink of doing great things — wanted to put their branding piece by piece.

They would order a business card here, a logo there, and then try using each piece separately to produce the big picture results they wanted in their business.

They weren’t getting the results they wanted, and I realized I wasn’t making the impact I was destined to make.

I wanted to shout, “You can’t make bigger sales because your branding messages aren’t coherent. People might know what you do but they don’t know what you stand for.”

Then finally, one day, I decided that was exactly what I was going to shout – in the form of the Sizzle System, which teaches my clients to work on their business from the inside out, rather than the outside in — to get crystal clear on the results they bring and understand where they need to BE before sinking tons of money into trying to get there.

The Sizzle System for a Red Hot Brand

Think about this for a minute. When you see just one firecracker shoot into the sky, are you impressed with its little pop? Or do you want your business to be an outrageous 4th of July-like explosion?

To get noticed in the business world, you have to WOW potential clients each and every time – especially when you’re promoting your products and services. You have to put the right things in place to grab their attention in 3 seconds or less. Whether it’s through words graphics, the message you communicate has to be clearly understood. And it has to show the value you bring.

But more important, you have to build trust. You need to show your clients what makes you YOU, along with the results you can provide for THEM. Then and only then, will they buy from you and only YOU.

You need to present yourself as the grand finale of a fireworks show any time you want to be in front of clients. And my Sizzle System is going to show you how to stand out and get noticed — and easily attract the clients you were meant to work with.

Why Should You Work With Me?

I could tell you how I started out as an entrepreneur back in 2006 as CEO of a marketing and creative services agency, and earned a 6-figure income in my first year. To this day, I cannot believe how fortunate I’ve been to enjoy such a successful, income-generating business doing the type of work I love. And now I want to teach you how to do the same.

Or, I could dazzle you with my M.A. in Public Relations, or make you fall out of your seat by telling you about my awards in photography and graphic design, or about my 10+ years teaching as a professor in art, design, and journalism… but the truth is, I’m just a forward-thinking, opportunity-seeking entrepreneur, just like you. 

I know what it’s like to have a burning desire to make an impact on the world – and to be just on the brink of success. I have seen more than a few established businesses wasting time, money, and effort striving for the next level of growth without a clue of how to get there. So I created the Sizzle System to show them how.

Who Do I Work With Best?

You’re an entrepreneurial woman or small business owner who wants to make a greater impact in the world. You’re making decent money but you’re branding just doesn’t reflect what your business has grown into. You’ve evolved and your brand needs to as well. You’re ready to expand your visibility and become the “go-to” person in your field.

Or maybe you’ve had clients and you need to package your services into a cohesive business. You want to clarify your message. It takes an open mind and an open heart to reach deep within to figure out what you really stand for so you can move forth with clarity, confidence and conviction. I understand your needs. I understand your insecurities. I understand that there may be some fears that you’re working through to get to the next level in your business. And I can tell you: Been there. Done that. I came out on the other side and now I’m here to empower you to overcome your blocks and fears to shine as bright as you were meant to.

I want to show you that your “next level” dreams are right at the tips of your fingers.

I want to coach you through exactly what you need to get the business (and life!) you want.

I want to share all the great things I’ve been so blessed to learn over 25 years as a marketing and branding expert, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I made.

I really do want to see you Sizzle!

You can Work With Me in a variety of ways.

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