The Sizzle System of Personal Branding

ATTENTION: Forward-thinking, Opportunity-seeking Entrepreneurs who Want to Build the Business of Your Dreams!

The sizzle system of Personal Branding IS NOW OFFERED AS A SELF-STUDY! Are you ready to step up to the next level but your lack of clarity and confidence is keeping you from playing a bigger game?

The fact that you have found this page tells me a few things…

You’re tired of trying every marketing technique known to go-getters like yourself, and not getting the results you expected.

You’re tired of investing your precious money into your business and not making any money back.

You’re tired of working hard to attract your dream clients and not creating a thriving business.

Personal branding is all the rage nowadays, but to some entrepreneurs, it’s an elusive concept.

Bottom line: your personal brand is everything you stand for embodied in how you show up for others, whether it’s face-to-face, online, in print, or in the media.

The problem is that many entrepreneurs do so many different things that potential clients are confused about what they do and what they stand for. If, from business cards to elevator speeches to websites, your message is ambiguous and inconsistent, it’s time to get clear on the value you bring to the marketplace so others will know why to hire you, and the Sizzle System™ will do that for you!

The Sizzle System™ group coaching program will luminously guide you, over the course of only 8 weeks, through the process of personal branding so you can get clear on what you offer and who you are for others. It helps you create a RED HOT personal brand from the INSIDE OUT that effortlessly attracts the clients you want by:

      • Defining and directly targeting your dream clients.
      • Creating messaging that speaks to what is keeping your dream clients awake at night.
      • Developing a consistent visual identity that represents what you stand for.
      • Finding the platform that puts you in front of your dream clients and has them throwing money at you!

The Sizzle System™ group coaching program explores these 6 modules:

1. SHINE YOUR LIGHT & STAND OUT FROM THE REST: This is the basis of your personal brand! We’ll define your core values, what you stand for, how you want others to perceive you, and GET CLEAR on THE VALUE you bring to the marketplace and what makes you STAND OUT from the rest.

2. IDENTIFY YOUR DREAM CLIENT & INCREASE YOUR SALES: This is where we determine who you want to work with and who is just dying to work with you. No more chasing after new clients — narrow your market and INCREASE YOUR SALES!

3. ZIG WHEN EVERYONE ELSE ZAGS: In this module, we find ways for you to stand out from your competition. I call it your Sizzle Factor. You’ll learn to write a bio that converts and how to use your story to sell, among other things!

4. ZERO IN WITH MOUTHWATERING MESSAGING: We will craft mouthwatering marketing copy that speaks directly to your dream clients in a way that resonates with their struggles and needs, and GETS THEM TO ACT. We’ll come up with a meaningful title and tagline, and a “30-second commercial” that draws clients to you like moths to a flame. After this module you’ll never struggle for the right words to say in any professional situation!

5. LURE THEM WITH YOUR LOOK: You’ll save time and money by creating a look that resonates with your dream client. We discuss fonts, colors, and everything else that goes into your brand assets that you can use across the board from your business card to your social media platforms to your website, so everything has a consistent look and says “you” all over it!

6. ELEVATE YOUR EXPERT STATUS: We’ll figure out the best platform to get your message out to the people who need you. Whether it’s media placement, blogging, speaking, networking . . . find the opportunities that will establish you as the expert in your field AND HAVE PEOPLE THROWING MONEY AT YOU!

Hi! I’m Carol Ann. Are you ready to turn up the heat on your business and start sizzlin’?

I’ve been serving the branding and marketing needs of entrepreneurs since 2006 as the CEO of Big Eye rsz_1110113_8418_for_facebookMedia, a creative services agency. I’ve helped hundreds of clients when they needed a new brochure, or a logo, or a new headshot, but in many cases it seemed like a band-aid to fix something that wasn’t working. When I would suggest a new approach they would shy away . . . and I, being the person that I was, would do what they asked.

But then I said, “Stop the madness!” I wanted to serve my clients to help them reach unimagined success, but it seemed that most of them did not want to make the investment. They did not see that they were throwing their money away by doing it all wrong — or at least not doing it all the way.

I developed The Sizzle SystemTM of Personal Branding to teach entrepreneurs, just like you, how to market from the inside out rather than the outside in. I want to make the impact that I set out to make when I started my business back in 2006 but was somehow led down a wayward path. Now, I’m back on course stronger than ever.

Who’s my Dream Client? I generally work with purpose-driven entrepreneurial women who are ready to get their gifts out to the world and monetize them. They need a proven path to package their business and create a blueprint to get paying clients and become seen as the “go-to” expert.

As one forward-thinking, opportunity-seeking entrepreneur to another . . .

I want to tell you why your big dreams are right at the tips of your fingers.

I want to tell you exactly how you can get the business (and life!) you want.

I want to tell you all of the great things I’ve been so blessed to learn in more than 25 years as a marketing and branding professional.

I know what it’s like to want more from your career and to be on the brink of the success you desire. I’ve seen more than a few established business owners strive for the next level of growth, but they were missing something. That something was a coherent, consistent personal brand. And that’s where I come in.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about The Sizzle System:

6674-webCarol Ann rebranded my business and now I’m attracting better clients!
Christine Rothendeutsch, Virtual Assistant,

“My business focus had changed and my name no longer reflected my services. I was struggling to get consistent, long-term clients and I had even stopped using my business name. After wasting too many productive hours attempting to re-brand my business on my own and not doing a good job of it, I decided to sign up for Carol Ann’s Sizzle System. Carol Ann made me take a deep look at who I am and how I represent my business to others. Her system has helped me to be more comfortable in my marketing efforts. In the few short weeks since I launched my new brand there has been a great reception both online and offline. The Sizzle System gave me the confidence, clarity and professionalism that I had been looking for.”


‘After working with Carol Ann through her Sizzle System, I’m clear on how to position Curlie McCalla
myself to attract my tribe!’
Curlie McCalla, Intrapreneur Development Expert, Empower & Soar

“As a new entrepreneur, I thought just getting a website up and putting fancy colors and lots of content on it would get me clients. Little did I know that there is so much more to marketing my business than just having a website and doing some form of social media. Working with Carol Ann and The Sizzle System has given me a totally different perspective on how important and crucial branding is to the success of my business. It also relieved me from uncertainties that I had. I am now confident in moving forward, knowing that my messaging and my graphics will speak and appeal directly to my dream clients. Thanks, Carol Ann, for your expertise and your HOT SIZZLE SYSTEM.”


I can now network with confidence and have a more targeted message that establishes my credibility to an expanded client base.
Monica Pietras, Graphic Designer and Owner Pietras Design,

“My business messaging lacked focus and direction. With The Sizzle System, Carol Ann helped me better define myself and my business goals. She helped me realize that marketing my business is not about me or my accomplishments. It’s about how my experience can help others with marketing their own product or business. Recreating my personal brand is exactly what I needed to be ‘red hot’ and passionate again. Thank you Carol Ann for your guidance and wisdom to help me rediscover what makes me sizzle.”


EileenJason_portrait‘Carol ann truly cares about her clients and wants them to succeed!’
Eileen Jason, Ph.D., CEO,

“When I met Carol Ann, I was just starting out in my business and needed help honing in on my brand and offerings. Through our work together, I was instantly able to feel more comfortable with defining and explaining my services, and, as a result, I am now able to promote my business — without hesitation — anywhere, anytime, to anyone. I would absolutely recommend working with Carol Ann because she not only helped increase my confidence levels but also provided an awesome headshot and materials that were extremely professional for me to use to promote my business. Carol Ann cares about her clients and truly wants them to succeed. She becomes your partner, works with you, and follows up to make sure you succeed!”

CindyLandolf_4024_5x7‘The Sizzle System has made me a more confident entrepreneur, and I’m getting new enrollments almost every day as a result!’
Cynthia Landolf, Insurance Representative

“I enrolled in The Sizzle System Group Coaching Program just as I was starting out in my new business. I was unsure of myself then, but the Sizzle System gave me the confidence and clarity I needed to move forward and get clients. Now that I’m ‘out there” I really see how The Sizzle System has made me a more confident entrepreneur, and I’m getting new enrollments almost every day as a result!”

‘Having Carol Ann update my visual branding and help with my marketing surely is helping my
business to nurse cancer coach cherry pfausizzle!’

“When I met Carol Ann, I had a website and social media accounts but I did not have a consistent look, which was having a negative impact on my client list-building efforts. We started working together, and now I have an updated website and a consistent online presence, which includes a new logo and a professional headshot. I’m now attracting more clients on-line. Having Carol Ann update my visual branding and help with my marketing surely is helping my business to sizzle!”



Let me show you how to forge a successful, income-generating business by teaching you how to create a Red Hot personal brand.

Through the Sizzle System™ game-changing group coaching program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Show up with clarity and confidence so people know why they should hire you.
  • Increase sales through cohesive, consistent personal branding.
  • Attract the clients you really want.
  • Develop compelling and coherent brand messaging.
  • Stand out as the go-to expert in your field.

Personal branding takes a lot of thought and effort, but done the right way it can take your business from sad to sassy, from suffering to shining, from sorry to soaring.

Here’s what you get with the Sizzle System™ group coaching program:

  • 6 60-minute calls, one for each of the 6 modules (value: $1200).
  • Recordings of all the calls to listen to at your convenience (value $300).
  • 2 60-minute group Q&A group calls scheduled between the regular training calls, where you can hop on the line with Carol Ann and have your own personal branding and business growth questions answered (value $600)
  • Worksheets, templates, and other resources that you can use over and over again (value $1500).
  • Accountability assignments that are designed to help you step out of your comfort zone — and that’s where the real growth happens (value $500)!
  • Unlimited email support to answer any questions you might have about your own personal branding process (value: $397).
  • A Facebook Private Group — the Sizzle-preneur’s Network — where you can get feedback and bounce ideas off the other Sizzlers in the program!

I’m confident that at the end the program, you’ll see a big difference in the clients you start to attract and the business you get – just by following my fast, easy system to create your sizzlin’ hot personal brand!

You’re probably wondering what the investment is for such a comprehensive course that you know is essential to your business. . .

I’m offering two easy options for you to experience a personal brand that truly sizzles…

This entire program is valued at over $5000, but the entire problem is being offered for the low price of $997. Or, choose the convenient 3-pay option of $397.

*The Sizzle System will be offered again in 2017.  Dates and pricing TBD. 


1 Easy Payment of $997

3 Easy Payments of $397

If you want to discover why you aren’t making the sales you desire and gain necessary insights into why your dream clients won’t buy from you despite your tremendous efforts, then sign up for the Sizzle System™ today.

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