What’s the ROI of Hiring a Personal Branding Coach?

What’s the ROI of Hiring a Personal Branding Coach?

Clients work with a personal branding coach for many different reasons. Most of them have a successful business they want to take to the next level.

Others simply can’t put their finger on why their energy and efforts aren’t turning into positive cash-flow.

So, what can you get out of working with a personal branding coach?

Before I answer that question, I’m going tell you a little story. Joy was a client of mine whose business was going well.

She made a reasonable income doing graphic design work, about $40,000/year, working 25 to 30 hours a week. And then she stalled out.

She kept working the same hours, marketing the same way, but no matter how much effort she put into her business, she couldn’t seem to make more money.

She started to try new and different things to attract clients but nothing was working. In fact, she was getting more and more burned out by trying from hard.

Why did Joy need a personal branding coach?

When you earn your living as a freelancer, most of your subcontracts are fairly impersonal . . . you get hired for a project, complete it for a specific dollar amount, and then hope the client gives you more work.

You leave yourself at the mercy of what your client needs in any given moment without a guarantee for the future. (Lawyers, doctors, therapists, creatives – you’re all guilty of this.)

However, when you have a strong personal brand, clients begin to think of you differently. You become the “go to” person for their specific needs. It sounds like, “Oh, Joy, she’s the graphic designer who’s an expert in marketing,” or, “Oh, Dr. Dave, he’s the best dentist for children.”

Personal branding:

  • Gives you clarity on what you want
  • Provides a niche client base
  • Presents you as the absolute expert
  • Allows you to work with the clients you want
  • Opens the door to charging higher rates

For Joy, the answer was easy. While she had a strong client base, she wasn’t attracting more business because she didn’t have a unified image to present to the world.

Her potential clients didn’t know that they were the people she wanted to work with because she wasn’t sending them a clear message with her personal branding.

Now, what’s the ROI on coaching?

I coached Joy to get clarity on who she really wanted to work with. We revised her copywriting to reflect her niche. She updated her website with current photos that reflected her desired client base.

As she publicized who she wanted to work with, people in her niche were attracted to her business. And yes, her personal branding began to attract enough clients that she was able to pick and choose who she wanted to work with.

Clients who are successful at personal branding raise their rates 25 to 40 percent. What does that number look like for you?

What if instead of $100 / hour, you could start charging $140? (I know, it’s not so cool to charge by the hour nowadays, but we all have that number in our head we need to reach.)

Another unspeakable ROI happens too: My coaching clients are happier working with the people who reflect their internal desires. They feel reenergized and fulfilled by only serving in one or two areas of expertise.

From the clarity on what they really want in their life comes an absolute sense of purpose and drive. You gain the ability to work on the projects you want with the type of clients you want.

And for many of us, igniting our passion is far more important than any bottom line ROI could ever be, isn’t it?

Carol Ann DeSimineCarol Ann DeSimine is a Visibility Strategist and Branding Expert and the creator of The Sizzle System of Personal Branding. She wants every entrepreneur to be able to stand out and Sizzle and she’d like to help you do that. To learn how you can have a client-attracting personal brand that is RED HOT, apply for a Discovery Session TODAY. 



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