The Results Are In! Here’s What Sizzle Students are Saying

The Results Are In! Here’s What Sizzle Students are Saying

As you follow The Sizzle System on Facebook and read this blog, you might be wondering, “Why should I hire Carol Ann as my personal branding mentor?”

I can tell you all day long about how many years I’ve been in business and how, these days, my company is perceived as a high-end design agency…but why?

Until you’ve tried The Sizzle System, no amount of my encouragement is going to convince you that a personal branding coach can change your life, help you make more money, and give you clarity on your business goals.

And I have so much expert advice that I just had to create a program that would help you boutique your brand.

In this blog post, I’m going to let my coaching clients speak for me:

Christine, a Virtual Assistant (VA), before The Sizzle System was frustrated with her struggle to rebrand in a way that would attract her ideal clients:6674-web

“My business focus had changed and my name no longer reflected my services. I was struggling to get consistent, long-term clients and I had stopped using my business name.

“After wasting too much of my productive hours attempting to re-brand my business on my own and not doing a good job of it I decided to sign up for Carol Ann’s Sizzle System.”

The Sizzle System helped Christine commit to relaunching a powerful, more uniquely “her” business – using personal branding as her guide, she advised:

“The system made me take a deep look at who I am and what my business depicts to others. Carol Ann’s system has helped me to be more comfortable in my marketing efforts.

“In the few short weeks since I have launched my new brand there has been a great reception both online and offline. Carol Ann has given me the confidence and professionalism that I have been looking for.”

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Relationship expert Curlie was struggling in a different way; she was just getting her business off the ground but didn’t know where to begin:

Curlie cropped“As a new entrepreneur, I thought just getting a website up and putting fancy colors and lots of content would get me clients.

“Little did I know that there is so much more to marketing my business than just having a website and doing some form of social media. “

And how did we resolve her frustration? With confidence-building and a proven personal branding formula that motivates Curlie to get out there and shine:

Working with Carol Ann and The Sizzle System has given me a totally different perspective on how important and crucial branding is to the success of my business. It also relieved me from uncertainties that I had.  I am now confident in moving forward, knowing that my message and my graphics will speak and appeal directly to my dream clients. “

 Graphic designer Monica was in the market for a new job but was having difficulty getting hired. I’m happy to report that soon after completing the Sizzle System Coaching Program, she landed a position doing what she loves:

“My business messaging was all over the place. It lacked focus and direction. Carol Ann and The Sizzle System have helped me better definemyself and my business goals. She helped me realize that marketing myself is not about me and my accomplishments. It’s about how my experience can help others with marketing their product or business.”

Monica also appreciated the homework I include as part of the Sizzle System to keep students focused:

“The worksheets were key to identifying how to adjust my messaging to be more client focused. I can now network with confidence and have a more targeted message in order to establish credibility and expand my client base. Recreating my personal brand is exactly what I needed to be ‘red hot’ and passionate again.”

 Ultimately, it was the last piece of her testimonial that melts my heart, though:

 “Thank you Carol Ann for your guidance and wisdom to help me rediscover what makes me sizzle.”

In the end, this program is all about you – helping you find the spark and passion you have for business, and giving you the tools to fall in love with what you do all over again.

And when you start to feel hot hot hot, your sizzle will attract everything into your life that you desire.

Grab your spot in the Sizzle System Group Coaching Program. Hurry, space is limited. 

Carol Ann DeSimineCarol Ann DeSimine is a Visibility Strategist and Branding Expert and the creator of The Sizzle System of Personal Branding.

If you want to learn how to create a personal brand that is RED HOT, Carol Ann is now offering private coaching sessions.There are only a few spots left, so register now. Or apply for a Discovery Session to see how Carol Ann can help you. 




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