Accountability is Worth Paying for: Hire a Coach!

Accountability is Worth Paying for: Hire a Coach!

I’m not crazy about the term coach, although it’s come to hold many different meanings. I prefer to think of myself as more of a business strategist and perhaps even a mentor. The job of a coach, strategist, or mentor is really to guide clients to manifest their dreams, whether it’s in the area of life, health, business, career — or whatever it is they hire you for.

The term “coaching” generally means to take an idea and clarify it through the process of inquiry, and then add a strategy to guide the actions that lead to a larger vision. And every coach has her own style and unique zone of genius that she works in. I call myself a branding, visibility, and mindset coach because those are the areas that I am most experienced in, but when it comes down to it, anything around business I can coach you on.

The greatest benefit of working with a coach

Whatever you call it and however it’s delivered, there is one common thread to just about every coaching relationship: accountability. It’s in the accountability that the magic happens. Accountability to take action is the real key to progress — whether you are accountable to yourself or to someone else.

When I started working with a mentor, my first big takeaway was recognizing how I was keeping promises to myself. As a creative entrepreneur, I have many ideas. Many good ideas. Some may even be great ideas. But the reality is that I wasn’t accomplishing very many of those ideas. In fact, one day, after coming up with an idea that was so ambitious it made my head hurt, I said to myself:

“Okay, Carol Ann, that’s a great idea, but what are the chances of you actually accomplishing that?”

I already had so many things on my plate that were half-done, and here I was ready to move on to something else that would have taken the bulk of my time and effort.

So when I dug deep and examined where I was making promises to myself but not keeping them, I had a rude awakening.

Accountability equals accomplishment

The beauty of working with a coach is that she’ll keep you accountable in the right areas. She’ll keep you focused. When you want to try every new idea, she’ll rein you in. She sees what works and what doesn’t – for you. She sees what you’re capable of. She’ll see where you need to step out of your comfort zone. She’ll stretch you, but you have to be willing to be stretched.

Sure, life gets in the way for all of us. The best we can do is give it our best effort, and having someone hold us accountable helps keep us on track.

Here’s a challenge: At the end of every day for a week, make a list of where you made a promise to yourself – or to someone else — then list the actions you’re taking to keep those promises. One of two things will happen: you’ll stop being overly ambitious with your “to-do” list, or you’ll start staying true to your word more often.

And, I promise, the truer you are to yourself, the better you’ll sleep at night. Guaranteed.

branding expert Carol Ann DeSimineCarol Ann DeSimine is a branding, visibility, and mindset coach and the creator of The Sizzle System of Brand Empowerment. She works primarily with purpose-driven entrepreneurial women to help them implement the right strategies with the right mindset so they monetize their gifts and make an impact in the world. Her book, Girlfriend, we need to talk about your brand… is a step-by-step guide to creating a Rock Star brand in 90 days or less. To receive her weekly free trainings on branding, visibility, and mindset, join her Sizzle to Abundance Facebook community here




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