K.I.S.S. Your Elevator Pitch Goodbye

K.I.S.S. Your Elevator Pitch Goodbye

Use this branding-from-the-inside-out method instead 

I help my clients brand their business “from the inside out.” How does that differ from branding from the “outside in”? Outside-in branding is all about your logo, marketing without a clear strategy, speaking to everyone you think might need your services, and being who you think they want you to be — without a clear intention about who you need to be for you.

Inside-out branding frees you to create a business that is in alignment with who you are and what you want your business to be, while easily attracting the clients who resonate with your values. It allows you to be who you are at your essence.

Here’s a good example.

I recently attended a small group networking event that was more social than anything. Amid the noise and high-energy, even as an introvert, I was having fun.

At one point, there was a discussion about networking tips, and a “cheat sheet” was passed around that one of the group members had created. It laid out the usual “elevator pitch” structure on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, filled with copy, about 11 point, if that, with not a whole lot of white space.

I took one look at it and my eyes glazed over.

There’s no way I want to know that much about anyone in what is supposed to be a 30-second introduction.

That’s when I realized that the usual style of networking — and that cheat sheet — are not in alignment with who I am and how I show up in my business. It’s nothing personal and it doesn’t mean they’re wrong. I just feel more comfortable with my way of doing things, and I believe there’s a whole community of like-hearted women waiting for me to show up to tell them that it’s okay; you don’t have to subscribe to anyone else’s paradigm.

But, at that moment, in that group, I felt like an outcast. I long to have my voice heard, but a room that is loud and crowded, where everyone is vying for attention, just isn’t the place.

That’s why I write.

Want to know my style of networking?

I totally changed my approach to networking after being inspired by Adam Leipzig’s TedXMalibu Talk, How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes. There are only 5 things anyone needs to know about you in an elevator pitch:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Who you do it for
  4. What those people want or need
  5. The transformation or outcome that occurs when they work with you

In fact, who you are isn’t even that important. When you start an elevator pitch, it’s best to work backwards and lead with the outcome. That way, you’ll grab the attention of the people in the room who are interested. Because, face it, those who are not interested will tune out right away.

For example, I could say:

“I help entrepreneurial women make money with their gifts. I do this through a process where I brand them from the inside out, which provides them with the clarity and confidence to stand out and make an impact in the world. Hi, I’m Carol Ann, and I’m the creator of The Sizzle System of Brand Empowerment.”

Now, any entrepreneurial woman in the room who wants to make more money but doesn’t have the clarity on how to do that, which affects her self-confidence to get out and get seen, may want to know more, and she’ll follow up with me.

That’s how I do it. It’s my K.I.S.S. Method of Networking: Keep It Simple and Sizzle.

I get it. Networking is about building relationships, but client-attraction is a lot easier when you speak directly to the people who resonate with you and forget about those who don’t.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic, and your own networking tips. Please comment below, and if you provide your own “elevator pitch,” I’ll provide feedback.

branding expert Carol Ann DeSimineCarol Ann DeSimine is the author of Girlfriend, We Need to Talk About Your Brand.…a 90-day brand plan that helps entrepreneurs brand their business “from the inside out.” 




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