Don’t Be Wearing Two Hats

Don’t Be Wearing Two Hats

Have you ever introduced yourself at a business function by saying “I’m here today wearing two hats.” I hear that a lot. To your audience, that sounds like:

 “Hi, I’m a rocket scientist and I sell gift baskets on the side…”

Don’t be saying that! Choose one and wear it!

I know it’s tempting. You think we’ll be more impressed if we see the full range of your many talents. We won’t.

The Power of Focus

Movie makers understand, better than anyone, the power of focus. Whatever you focus the camera lens on, that’s what ends up on screen. Let’s say you’re videotaping a wedding. You could videotape the father of the bride getting drunk and knocking over the crystal centerpiece or you could capture the bride and groom having a quiet intimate moment. Same wedding, two entirely different pictures. You change the story you tell, the impact you have, the message you give, depending on what you focus on.

Choose one thing to focus on.

Some car companies do this really well. You know that Jeep commercial where the guy stops at a gas station and asks for directions? The attendant tells him something like this, “The place you want is just over the mountain, so you have to go down here, turn right, left at highway, around the bend…”

Meanwhile, the Jeep is halfway over the mountain. What’s the message of that commercial?  The message is “Jeep Can Go Anywhere!”

They don’t mention that it has beautiful leather bucket seats or that it gets the best gas mileage. One message. You can go anywhere in a Jeep.

What does Volvo stand for? Safety. Everyone knows that. You never see a gorgeous model draped on the hood of a Volvo. (They tried to get me. Wasn’t available.)

You want a shortcut to the spotlight? Forget your 95 different products and services. Choose one and promote it like crazy! Once you register with your audience, you can sell them other stuff. How can you sell them anything if they don’t know you exist? (More on this in my book–see )

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