VIP Days are a great way to fast-track your results and develop a quick start plan that meets your goals.

During our VIP Day together, we’ll take an in-depth look at where you are now in your business and where you want to be. We’ll then plan out a detailed blueprint to move you toward creating success in that direction. I’ll take you through my Ignite-Align-Believe-Create process to identify your sweet spot, align strategies that are right for you, shift your mindset to break through self-doubt and create the strategies that are going to get you to your end goal.

You’ll leave our day together with clarity, confidence, and courage, motivated to create the business — and life — that you dream of.

Choose Which VIP Day Fits You BEST:

Uplevel Your Brand VIP Day: You’ve got clients and sales, but you’re ready to uplevel your success to make more consistent income. We’ll design your roadmap for the next 12 months, including adding other streams of income, raising your rates, growing your list numbers and bringing on help.

Monetize Your Brilliance VIP Day: You’re working with clients but you’re not happy. You want to spend more time in your Zone of Genius, and release what is not serving you any longer. It’s time to expand and leverage, and increase your visibility, so you reach a larger audience, package you services/programs, and create more systems.

Craft Your Unique Branded System VIP Day: You’ll learn how to package your gifts, talents and abilities to create an easily deliverable step-by-step signature system, with creative titles and modules, so you position yourself as the “go-to expert, and we’ll create a strategy to launch and package your system into a group program or for 1:1 coaching/services.

Create Your Own Customized VIP Day: If you have a specific area in your business you would like to focus on, we can create a VIP Day around that. Examples include revising your aligning your brand to attract your ideal client; review of your website, messaging, or look; visibility strategies such as Facebook groups; crafting your signature talk with a follow-up system; creating a webinar and promotional campaign.

All Live VIP Days are held at Carol Ann’s South Jersey studio, just outside of Philadelphia. Virtual VIP Days are typically held via Zoom or Skype and will be recorded.

The above are suggestions. We can work on pretty much anything you want during our time together. VIP Days are available as full days (6.5 hours) or half days (3.5 hours) with breaks built-in. You also receive a pre-work form and a follow-up strategy session.

To discuss with Carol Ann what VIP Day is right for you, schedule a quick 15-minute call here:

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