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Package Your Purpose 6-month Done-With-You Mastermind (This is a BETA program, so I am offering it at significant savings)

If you have any questions, please email me, or schedule a 15-minute call. I am trying to keep this simple, so there is NO sales page. All enrollments will be done by phone because I want to be able to answer your questions, as well as offer you payment options that are doable for you. You can schedule a call here:

OUTCOME OF THE PROGRAM: You’ll have a complete branded online presence that is professional and poised for growth. Whether you’re just starting out or you want to update your brand, if you want to attract high-end clients you really do have to be high-end. When someone checks you out online and they don’t find you, they won’t track you down. Lost opportunity. When a prospect goes to your website and it looks amateur and doesn’t communicate how you can help, another opportunity lost. There’s a lot of talk about attracting right-fit or high-end clients. That’s great, but you have to do your part by offering a high-end experience. If you want to attract clients who pay you the big bucks, you have to be someone desirable to work with. Your online presence stands for you. It not only reflects who you are, but it should also reflect the type of clients you want to attract.


  • We will come up with your Unique Branded System, or signature program/package, with Creatives (name, titles, modules, outcome, etc.)
  • 1,000 business cards, designed, printed and delivered OR 100 4 x 6 postcards to promote lead magnet/Discovery calls
  • 5-page website on WIX, or if you have an existing WordPress website we will update that, if doable
  • Marketing copy, including Home page, About page, Core Brand Message, bios
  • Facebook business page and Facebook Group, setup and timeline design, branded quote graphics
  • Email service setup for list building
  • Lead magnet and opt-in box on website
  • Landing page for lead magnet/sales page for program, if applicable

Who is this for? 5-10 action-taking entrepreneurs who have gone through the 90-Day Brand Plan, are members of the Brand-athon, or any entrepreneur with a viable business idea. You’ve worked with clients, either paid or unpaid. You have a program idea that you want to hone, or maybe you want to package it differently. You understand the design process and are ready to get into action to make your visual brand a reality.

What can I expect? Each month you will focus on one major aspect of your brand so by the end of 6 months you will have a digital presence that positions you for growth. It highlights your Money Maker — service, system, or program — with crystal clear messaging that communicates your value, and a sales funnel that enables you to grow your tribe of ideal clients, and make sales.

What is the investment? The entire 7-month program (six months of training plus one additional month to tie up loose ends) is $3500. This is a 50% savings over my regular Total Brand Makeover, and it offers even more support. The difference is that you are involved in creating your brand assets, as opposed to having me do all of the work. You know what they say about teaching you to fish? If you understand the how and why behind something, you’ll be able to update and tweak on your own, and save a lot of money and frustration in the long-term.

Is there a payment plan? You can either pay in full, or choose a payment option, depending on when you enroll. There is an 8-pay option if you enroll early. I try to keep the payments as low as possible, but there is a $10-$11 monthly fee for payments to partially cover my cost.

When does it start? The group training will start no earlier than the week of June 11, or whenever I fill the program. The earlier you enroll, the better. You will receive 1:1 coaching to get a headstart on the program, and there is a special payment plan.

Will there be additional costs? That is up to you, but in business, you have to expect to invest something. If you need something additional, I will help you find it at a reasonable cost.

What does the program include?

3 group calls per month on Zoom. All calls include mastermind-style coaching with time in the hot seat. Recordings will be available if you cant be there live.

• Week 1: 60-minute training on the month’s topic

• Week 2: strategy call to state your intentions for the month and create a plan to get it done

• Week 3: accountability call to keep you in action, and to move you through any roadblocks

Done-with-you services, so each month you have something to show for our work together, and something to share with your ideal clients!

1:1 support from me and my techie VA, Angela.

Here is a rough breakdown of the monthly schedule. (Keep in mind that this is a BETA program, and it may flow differently than what I have outlined. This is my vision for the program):

Month 1: Your money-making program/product/package.

This is where you’ll come up with your core offering based on your game-changing genius. It could be a service, program, or package of your services.

Outcome: You’ll have all the creatives that are the basis of your offering, and a business card where it all comes together.

  • Brand Name
  • Tag Line
  • Slogan
  • Expert title
  • Logo
  • Photos

You provide: Your ideas, logo, head shot, brand colors

I help you with: styled type logo (if you dont have one), curating images, creative titles/naming

Done for you: 1,000 business cards: 4/4, on 16-pt stock, designed, printed and delivered. You may have heard me say that your business card is the most valuable piece of marketing real estate for your business, because everything is laid out here in a bird’s eye view of how it all fits together. (a $195 value)

Month 2: Your website.

This is the hub of your digital presence and the home of your branded program or service.

Outcome: You’ll have a 5-page Wix website or we’ll update your WordPress website (if doable)

You provide: You choose a template, and visualize how you want your finalized site to look: colors, fonts.

Images for the site.

Site hosting when you are ready to launch and take advantage of all of Wix’s capabilities. You can go free until you’re ready, but I suggest you pay for hosting at some point, because of the perception of using something free. Past clients have been able to get $7 a month hosting when Wix offers its special.

I help you with: learning to design your site, making choices to have a client-attracting design.

Done for you: Technical support and design input.

Month 3: Your mouthwatering marketing messaging.

This is where you’ll come up with your core brand message and create the copy for your website.

Outcome: Youll finalize your

30-second commercial

home page copy

about page copy

copy for your packages/services

You provide:

300-500 words of copy for each page

Your core brand message

I help you with: finalizing your core brand message so it speaks to your ideal prospect, writing your copy for your web pages, developing your offer

Done for you: Editing of copy

Month 4: Your social media presence.

This is where you’ll create your FB business page and FB group, and other social media profiles.

Outcome: You’ll finalize your

Short bios

Title for Linked In

Page descriptions

Timeline covers

Inspirational quotes

You provide:

75-150 words for your bios

Name for FB Group & who its for

Ideas for cover timelines

Copy for inspirational quotes

Head shot for SM pages

I help you with: learning to design THE RIGHT WAY in Canva (using design principles, not just going through the motions)

Setting up your pages

Creating inspirational quotes to increase engagement

Done for you:

Editing of all copy

Finalizing your timeline graphic

Finalizing your graphics

Month 5: Your client-attraction lead magnet.

This is where you’ll create your freebie to grow your list of ideal clients

Outcome: You’ll have a completed document/report/video etc. with cover and brief bio laid out and ready to be consumed

You provide:

Copy for content

Copy for bio

Head shot

Images/graphics to include

I help you with:

Coming up with the problem/promise

Content development

Creating basic cover design in Canva

Done for you: Editing copy

Creating juicy titles

Laying out the content in a pdf (up to 10 pages)

Finalizing cover design

3-D version representation of design

Month 6: Landing pages.

This is where you’ll learn about what makes a good op-tin/registration/sales page

Outcome: Youll have an opt-in page for your lead magnet, with an opt-in box on your website that collects subscribers to your email list

You provide:

Copy for content

Images/graphics to include

Email service provider

I help you with:

Coming up with the bullet points

Coming up with the hook

Choosing an email provider and a growth strategy

Developing an email nurture sequence

Done for you:

Editing of copy

Subject lines for emails

Setting up your opt-in box

Associating a list to collect subscribers


  • 5 hours of technical support from my techie VA (value: $300)
  • 6 1:1 30-minute private calls (value: $1200)
  • 1 next-steps 60-minute call where we develop a continuation strategy
  • 1 additional month of support to tie up any loose ends
  • 3 additional 60 minute 1:1 working sessions, as needed, to keep you unstuck

Investment: $3500*

Choose pay in full, or 6-, 7-, or 8-pay option


Pay in full at any time: receive 5 additional hours of support from my techie VA (value: $300)

6-pay option available anytime through June 10: $594 x 6 = $3564

You’ll receive all regular bonuses listed above.

Fast-action bonus: pay by midnight May 31 and receive this additional bonus:

  • Shift Your Money Mindset 45-60 minute session (value: $197)
  • 7-pay option available through midnight May 31: $510 x 7 = $3570

Early bird bonus pay by midnight on May 15 and receive the fast-action bonus plus:

  • align.believe.create. 60-minute coaching session, where I take you through my STAGES process, or this can be a planning session or brand review. (value: $497)
  • 8-pay option available through midnight on May 15: $448 x 8 = $3584

*If you are currently a laser coaching client, you will receive a discount based on where you are in the program.

If you have any questions, please IM me or schedule a call here:

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