About the Sizzle System™ Personal Branding Coaching Group Program

Are you tired of trying every marketing technique known to go-getters like yourself, and not getting the results you expected?

Are you tired of investing your precious money into your business and not making any money back?

Are you tired of working so hard to attract the clients who need you – after all, you know they’re out there, don’t you?

Maybe what you need is a personal brand Sizzle Infusion!

The Sizzle System™ is a 6-step plan for forward-thinking, opportunity-seeking entrepreneurs who are tired of playing small and are ready to step into their own magnificence with confidence, grace and easy, and have clients just clamoring to work with them! The program is offered twice a year.

Here’s what you get:

  • There will be 6 50-minute value-packed group calls, one for every module every other week, with the last 15 minutes dedicated to discussion and Q & A. (value: $1000).
  • You’ll also receive the recordings of the lessons to listen to over and over. (Value: $500)
  • You’ll also receive worksheets, templates, and checklists that you’ll be able to add to your business reference library to use as needed. (Value: $1500)
  • There will be a Q&A group call in week 6 (after our messaging call) dedicated to helping you clarify any questions you may have. (Value: $197)
  • There will also be 2 one-on-one calls 2 one-on-one calls: a hit-the-ground running 30-minute kick start session right around week one and a 30-minute wrap-up call after week 8. (Value: $497)
  • And, with every module you’ll get an assignment that keeps you accountable and on the straight path to success!

The Sizzle System™ is a 6-step group coaching program that luminously guides you through the concept of personal branding so you can get clear on what you offer and who you are. It helps you create a RED HOT personal brand from the INSIDE OUT that attracts the clients you want by:

  • Getting clear on how you want to show up for others, because if you don’t define who you are, they’ll do it for you!
  • Directly targeting your dream clients – the people who are dying to work with you.
  • Creating messaging that speaks to your dream clients’ souls.
  • Developing a visual identity that reflects who you are.
  • Discovering a platform that gets you in front of the people who need you.

The Sizzle System™ 6-step group coaching program explores the following 6 modules:

  1. SHINE YOUR LIGHT: This is the basis of your personal brand! We’ll define your core values, what you stand for, how you want others to perceive you, and GET CLEAR on what makes you stand out from the rest.
  2. IDENTIFY YOUR DREAM CLIENT: This is where you determine who you want to work with and who is just dying to work with you. No more chasing after new clients!
  3. ZIG WHEN EVERYONE ELSE ZAGS: We will craft your client-attraction bios for every medium and we’ll create your strategic story to create deep heart connections with the people who will buy from you.
  4. ZERO IN WITH COMPELLING MESSAGING: We will craft mouthwatering marketing copy that speaks directly to your dream clients in a way that resonates with their struggles and needs. We’ll
 come up with a meaningful slogan and tagline, and a “30-second commercial” that draws clients to you like moths to a flame. After this module you’ll never struggle for the right words to say in any professional situation!
  5. LURE THEM WITH YOUR LOOK: You’ll come up with a visual identity that’s designed to attract your dream client. We discuss fonts, colors, and everything else that goes into your brand assets that you can use across the board from your business card to your social media platforms to your website, so everything has a consistent look and says “you” all over it!
  6. ELEVATE YOUR EXPERT STATUS: We’ll figure out the best platform to get your message out to the people who need you. Whether it’s media placement, blogging, speaking, networking . . . find the opportunities that will establish you as the expert in your field.

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I also offer various 1:1 opportunities for us to work together from short-term VIP days to 3 or 6 month packages. I also offer a total makeover package for entrepreneurs who need a visual identity as part of their branding. Please schedule a time for us to chat to learn more about how I can help you grow your business.

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