When It Comes to Shining In Your Business, Are You Dancing In the Dark? 3 Tips On Lighting Your Spark from Bruce Springsteen

When It Comes to Shining In Your Business, Are You Dancing In the Dark? 3 Tips On Lighting Your Spark from Bruce Springsteen

I love Bruce Springsteen. I was fortunate enough to snag last-minute tix to the one Philadelphia show of the E Street Band’s 2016 The River Tour. Bruce waxed poetic — as he often does – about the making of the album and how it was a coming of age project and a reflection of life in so many areas. He talked about his parents’ struggle, young love, the first kiss, and other tales that I’m sure most of the audience could relate to.

I’ve seen my share of Bruce shows and I would have to say this was one of his most poignant.

Maybe it was the mood he set as he sang his way through every song on the album, but once he finished those and got to rockin’ some of his more classic songs – never to disappoint – I paid a little more attention to the meaning behind the lyrics.

As I sang along to my all-time dance favorite, Dancing In the Dark, it struck me: This is what I talk about in The Sizzle System™. When I help my clients find their Sizzle Factor™ I’m really talking about getting them to believe in their brilliance and ignite the spark within them, because that’s what gives them the confidence and conviction to step out and shine brighter than ever. As I listened even closer, I heard these 3 tips from Bruce – words of wisdom that apply to entrepreneurship:

  1. “You can’t start a fire without a spark.”

If you get up and ain’t got nothing to say, and you go to bed feeling the same way . . . if you’re tired and bored with yourself, looks like you could use a little help getting that spark lit.

For many, the spark within lies dormant until we make a concerted effort to step out of our comfort zone and take a real risk. That’s where the change happens, but first we have to see where we are holding back. Step outside of yourself and take a look: Where are you resisting? Why are you hiding? There’s safety in playing small, and unless you decide to give more of yourself, you’ll never break the cycle you’re in. It’s what David Neagle calls being “stuck at your own level.” The first step to getting unstuck is awareness.

  1. “You can’t start a fire sitting ’round crying over a broken heart.” 

Sure, we’ve all experienced heartbreak at some point. But if the message keeps getting clearer and opportunities are coming your way but you can’t see them for fear of being hurt again, or criticized, or wrongly exposed, do whatever you can to get over that fear as quickly as possible. My former mentor says, “Money doesn’t move until you heal your heart.” If you feel like you ain’t getting nowhere, just let go . . . anger, resentment, blame . . . they don’t serve you. Check your look in the mirror. If you have to, change your clothes, your look, your face. Force a smile. It’s a start to healing the pain. Look at every hurt as a lesson and an opportunity to grow. There’s something happening somewhere … It’s true that when one door closes another opens. Believe and trust that everything will work out in the end. Forgive and move on.

  1. “You can’t start a fire worrying about your little world falling apart.”

Worry. Fear. You sit around getting older, without taking action. The clock’s ticking. Opportunities are passing you by. If you stay on the streets of this town and keep doing what you’ve been doing they’ll be carving you up alright, and keeping you small.

What are you really afraid of? What bad can happen if you take a risk? What bad can happen if you pick up the phone and cold call someone? Laugh’s on you if you don’t, because those prospects will be doing business with someone else – the person who was brave enough to pick up the phone and make the ask.

If you’re dying for some action, light a spark under your butt! If you’re sick of sitting ‘round trying to write your book, you can’t wait for a love reaction from someone else to get you to finish your next big project. The power is within you – and only you — to get to the next level. Learn to love yourself. And when you think there’s nothing about yourself to love, look harder. You’ll see that there is plenty. Once you start to recognize your own brilliance others will too.

Do whatever it takes to light that spark.

Thanks for indulging me in my tribute to Bruce. One last indulgence . . . if you need someone to help you find your spark, this girl’s for hire… to move you from dancing in the dark to shining into your light!

branding expert Carol Ann DeSimineCarol Ann DeSimine is a Branding Expert and Visibility Strategist and the Creator of The Sizzle System of Personal Branding. If you’re ready to light your spark and create a brand that shines and shows off your Sizzle Factor™, she’s got a couple spots open for her Total Brand Makeover Package. To see how your personal brand measures up overall, take this FREE brand assessment here and then schedule a no-obligation Discovery Session to discuss your results.



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